About us

What is the first thing, which comes to your mind, when you hear the words 'morning cup of coffee'? For a lot of Danes this phrase is associated with nothing more then a morning newspaper or magazine, which they will be reading while drinking morning coffee. Morning in the city starts earlier then in the countryside - over here it starts couple of hours later, but still every morning is a small challenge for us. A challenge to deliver press on time.

Everything started with one guy, who was delivering newspapers on the bike, because he did not have any money for a car. Later everything developed and the bike was changed with car. When the guy started to live in Lithuania, he found his replacement and that was the start of employing people. Little by little came more and more employers, plus mechanic, director. 7 years ago the company really raised, when the guy quitted his full time job and put all his energy into DEH ApS. In the comming 7 years they made the raise to more than 50 people working in area related with the newspaper, from distributors to mechanics.

DEH ApS delivers 3 650 000 newspapers, 750 000 magazines, 600 000 letters and 90 000 packages per year. To the shops we deliver 1 000 000 magazines and newspapers per year. Plus DEH ApS is responsible for some of the places where we distribute press - around 9 000 000 newspapers, 1 500 000 magazines, 900 000 letters and 150 00 packages per year.

Our employees earn from 19 000 DKK to 26 000 DKK per month before taxes. We are following the labour agreement.

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