First weeks in Denmark


When you come to Denmark, you will not be left alone – you will be working with your teacher, who will introduce you to all the specifics and give you all information which you will need. The beginning of work is quite complicated because of couple of reasons. First of all, it takes time until your body gets use to work during nights. Also, during first two weeks you gonna have intense work schedule. You will need to prepare for your first nights alone:

Drive your routes with the car and check, where are all the mailboxes* Check information about routes, which is in company’s system Prepare the programs and write down some notes how it is better to drive to difficult addresses Take over the districts – at first you will do one, two, later – all your districts

* Employees, who will be working with scooters, can drive their routes during the night, while driving after a person, who is doing the districts or in the morning, while waiting for someone, who will take them back home.

During winter could be even harder, because you start your shift when it is dark and finish it in the twilight. If during first work nights weather conditions are especially bad – it is raining, windy – that could easily throw you off balance. It is even worse if you are not concentrated and attentive. Also do not be sad if in the beginning you can not be on time or it is hard to find mailboxes very fast – it is natural, because this job requires some skills. After few weeks, you will be faster to evaluate, where the mailbox could be – next to a garage, in the fence in the inner courtyard or behind the gates.

To ease the beginning of your work, we recommend:

  • Try to avoid additional interference (listening to the radio, talking on the phone), because concentration is very important;
  • Do not rush and if you have some questions, call your teacher right away. Work quality is always more important then the finishing time;
  • Have a pen, which will help you to separate already delivered press items. For example, you can mark „+” near them and you will know that you definately delivered it;
  • Before you shift, you must check extra notes on your route lists. They can indicate, where to find a mailbox or other delivering methods (ex. deliver to a hole in a door).

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