Living conditions

All employees can choose where to live – rent your own or live in one of the company houses.

If you want to rent your own place, you can use websites like www.boligportal.dk, https://en.lejebolig.dk or services of one of other renting companies. Ussually when you rent a place in Denmark, there is no furniture and you need to give 3 months deposit, which is not refundable. After you leave the place, owners use it to repaint the walls and to fix other defects. Some of the owners take rent fee for couple of months in advance.

If you choose to live in a company house, you will be living in one of five houses, which are located in different part of island.

While living in a company house, you need to pay rent and utilities, which are divided for all people living in a house. Average price for all that is 1500 DKK per month.


The biggest chain supermarkets are „Super Brugsen“, „Kiwi“, „Fakta“, „Netto“, in bigger cities – „Kvickly“, „Føtex“, „Bilka“. At the beginning food prices could look higher compared to Lithuania, but later you will get to know in which shop you can buy your favourite food items cheaper and you will be spending less money.

If you have an opportunity to go to Germany-Denmark border and yellow card, you get buy cheaper food and drinks. We recommend you visiting http://www.mixmarkt.de, where you can find lithuanian food.

If you miss real lithuanian food or drinks, you can order that from the company „Litred“ (http://litred.lt/lt/produktai).


Since you can not use company cars for your own business, next to every company house there is a car for rent. Every employee can rent the car, which is assigned to house, and use it when needed.

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