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Imagine, that you are driving through countryside towards to a green mailbox, you are listening Queen - We are the champions, preparing to deliver Fyns Stf. newspaper and out of the blue sky (ok, maybe not that blue), the deer jumps on the road and tries to stop you. Unfortunately, you stopped her first. Forever. What do you do?

  1. Covering her with extra newspapers and driving away;
  2. Taking her in your car and informing your roommates that you all gonna have a great lunch today;
  3. Calling your manager and informing him about the situation.

Correct answer is c. After hitting an animal, you must inform your manager, who will inform relevant authorities. Their representatives will come and take care of the dead animal. The accident could also be hitting a mailbox, electricity box or a fence, driving on a rocks or other car accident, but this is one of the examples, why SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY is very important in this job.

Imagine, that you are already working for two weeks, feeling great while driving your routes, can react very fast to every deer, reflective vest already became the part of your style and you can say which kind of newspapers are in every place of  your car.  Unfortunately, this night you have a lot of book packages and letters, you start cursing right in the depo. In the beginning of your night shift you see, that it will take much longer then expected. Plus you got an extra route, which, let's be honest, you did not want to and will not be able to do. What do you do?

  1. Cursing this night and preparing a text for your voluntary redundancy;
  2. Calculating preliminary time to finish the routes and after seeing that you will not be on time, calling a manager and informing him about the situation;
  3. Taking of the vest, leaving all the newspapers in the wood and calmly start driving to mainland part of Denmark to Germany.

Correct answer is b. If your manager knows the situation, he could react operative and send help on time. This is one of the examples, why TIME PLANNING and INFORMATION for others are very important in this job.

You are about to finish your work night, but receive a call from your manager saying that Jonas needs help and you are the closest to him.  You quickly turn around, dust is flying under your wheels and you are calling Jonas like in TV show Cobra 11 to hear where he will be after 15 minutes. You write an address to navigation, already are not so far away, see familiar streets, but the navigation discharges. Woops. What do you do?

  1. Calling your manager and saying that you can not help Jonas, because your car broke down - you will not say, that you do not know where to go - such a shame!
  2. Thinking: 'Jonas is not my friend or anything, maybe he will be OK' and going home;
  3. Trusting your guts and trying to find a way without navigation, calling Jonas to ask, which streets are nearby. s

Correct answer is c. This is one of the examples, why TEAM WORK and ORIENTATION SKILLS are very important in this job. You can have a lot of different situations, when you will need to make an operative decision and to find a house or a street without any extra tools.

If you are not afraid of challenges and night job, you are full of energy, enthusiasm and cleverness and wish to test yourself, we are waiting for you!

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